Pride of the original Goldstone Pumping Station, this wonderful steam engine has been fully restored by the British Engineerium Trust.

Led by Chief Engineer Peter Fagg, a skilled team have lavished many hours of skilled and loving attention on its complete refurbishment.

The huge beam weighing nearly six tons once more moves with quiet grace under steam power.

Originally installed in 1876, it is an Easton & Anderson, compound, double-acting beam, operating at 70 p.s.i. with a steam temperature of 340 degrees Fahrenheit.

The diameter of its flywheel is 25 feet and 4inches, which has an approximate weight of 20 tons. The length of the beam is 26 feet 6 inches, with a depth of 3 feet 9 inches.

This magnificent machine has been returned to its original glory and is the largest of the British Engineerium’s working steam exhibits, which are all being fully restored by Peter Fagg and his team.