The British Engineerium celebrates its Sesquicentennial in 2016 (150th anniversary) and is continuing restoration and other extensive works in preparation to open its doors the public as The World of Engineering, an exciting museum attraction.

The historic buildings with their huge steam beam engines are being lovingly restored to their original splendour, and the beautiful gardens landscaped. New exhibition buildings are being constructed utilizing the latest technologies to showcase the way that engineering has created the world in which we live today. The British Engineerium will be an amazing day out for adults and children of all ages. It will not only showcase the history of engineering and the Industrial Revolution, it will entertain and excite.

The United Kingdom has always made a tremendous contribution to the world with its inventiveness; from steam power to the jet engine and beyond. The World of Engineering will enlighten today’s youth about this history in a compelling way whilst exciting them to the possibilities of the future and the contribution they themselves might make as tomorrow’s Engineers.