The Victorians created or laid the foundations for the world in which we now live and the lives that we lead.

That is why The British Engineerium is important to the cultural heritage of our city, and inspired Mike Holland to step into the breach when both the buildings and the prized collection of engineering exhibits were about to fall under the  auctioneer’s hammer.

If that had gone ahead then the collection would have been dispersed around the world and the site itself would have entered a threatening and ambiguous future.

In the event, the auction was halted and the Engineerium was saved as a complete entity. However, this was only the first step in the considerable task ahead.

The movable items in the collection were put into secure storage and a thorough overhaul of the listed buildings, to the highest standards, embarked upon.

This includes skilled work on the huge steam-powered beam engines that are the heart of The Engineerium and which are once more fully operational and gleaming examples of the Engineer’s Art.