Mike Holland arrived in Brighton, fresh from the Merchant Navy as an unemployed 18 years old, but he was in no mood to waste any time on the dole. He found work on building sites and invested his wages in tools.

At the age of 21, he was overseeing house building, and soon creating his own property developments, embarking on the career that has led him to become one of Brighton & Hove’s leading citizens.

Mike has a great love for this city and his passion for it led him to save the British Engineerium from the auctioneer’s hammer at a personal cost of several millions.

Today he continues to tirelessly support the British Engineerium Trust and provides the inspiration and motivation that is turning it into The World of Engineering.

Mike’s vision is to create a world-class public facility that will ensure the British Engineerium has a permanent place in the fabric of Brighton & Hove.

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