It was Jonathan Minns who saved the Goldstone Pumping Station from certain demolition and then coined the term ‘Engineerium’ to create a local institution.

From those early days in the 1970’s the British Engineerium became a centre for steam engineering. As well as restoring the existing machines, a large collection of important artifacts were collected; together becoming the museum to steam that many remember visiting.

The British Engineerium was never just a museum though, under Jonathan’s direction it was responsible for some 168 projects, here in the U.K. and around the world. Anywhere that needed the specialist expertise of the Engineerium’s team.

However, after many years of herculean work the Engineerium had metaphorically run out of steam and closed its doors. Its collection threatened with auction. The buildings in urgent need of structural repair and again probably doomed to demolition.

Literally on the day of the auction, Jonathan Minns found the way to save the buildings and its exhibits, with the buyers assembled from around the globe and the gavel about to be raised. It was a suitably dramatic moment for the British Engineerium.

Today the British Engineerium is being completely renovated and restored so that it has a viable future as a public facility in the modern world.

There are now new exhibition spaces being built to create a bright, thriving, ‘edutainment’ centre for the City of Brighton & Hove. A wonderful day out for the entire family. Combining working steam exhibits with the latest exhibition technology to show the full wonder of our engineering heritage. 

The World of Engineering will provide an entertaining, educational experience for the entire family. A day out that is simply huge fun for all as it embraces the scope of the engineered world in which we now live.

Full of marvelous demonstrations that show how engineers are highly creative thinkers who have taken ideas that were once dreams and turned them into functioning reality.

The World of Engineering will show how what was once-upon-a-time incredible became true and inspire young minds about the possibilities for the future.

It will also be a lasting tribute to the work of Jonathan Minns.